Gay couple beaten for holding hands in public dna magazine

Posted 2021.07.01

A gay couple were allegedly beaten up outside a nightclub after they held hands. I didnt hesitate to hold her hand in public.

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Gay Couple

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Gay Couple Stabbed In Neck, Back And Hand For Holding Hands In Public

Idk i think my bf was mostly just trying not to lose me in the crowd. A gay couple were left bleeding on the street after a man allegedly stabbed them for holding hands. Would you invite this couple back to your church. Police say that several eye witnesses heard the group of men call the victim a 'fag'.

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The pair decided they wanted to do something more provocative, and sat on a park bench with levchuk on kis' lap. In a simple act of solidarity, men across the netherlands have held hands this week to protest the beating of two gay men. One day we drove to los angeles to see a concert and as we got out of the car and started walking toward the venue, he held my hand. Amateur gay nasty masseuse turns straighty.

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